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Bookshare Reader is our free app that makes reading easy. Access millions of audiobooks and ebooks and customize your reading experience in ways that work for you.

Find a book and read online, or download it to a smartphone, tablet, or Alexa-enabled speaker today!

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Book covers images including The Kingdom of Black by Marie Lu and I can Read Biscuit Loves the Library.

Explore over a million titles

Discover over a million audiobooks and ebooks, including best sellers, new releases, educational books, textbooks, children’s books, young adult titles, biographies, mysteries, freely-available public domain books, and more. Search the entire collection or see recommended titles directly in the app.

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Read Bookshare ebooks on web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

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Read how you want

Customize your experience in ways that work for you. Listen to books in audio, follow along with karaoke-style highlighting, enlarge text sizes, adjust reading speed, background, colors and more!

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Feature Rich Reading

Access millions of titles directly from the Bookshare library, read on one device, and pick up from where you left off on another device. Learn about Bookshare Reader’s features.

FeaturesComputer / Chromebook
Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox
iOS, Android
Alexa Smart Speaker
Listen to words read aloudYesYesYes
See text on screenYesYesYes
Navigate by page and chapterYesChapter onlyNA
Adjust reading speedYesYesYes
Adjust font, color, backgroundYesYesNA
Remember last reading spotYesYesYes
Read offlineNAYesNA
Read MathMLYesComing soonNA