What Does It Cost?

Learn about Membership Costs

Bookshare® is FREE for qualified U.S. students of any age and schools through an award from OSEP (Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education). Non-students and other organizations pay a low fee. 

  • U.S. Students: FREE
  • Other Individuals: $50 annually + $25 setup
  • Discounted fees available in some countries


  • For students, adults, seniors, veterans and other individuals with print disabilities
  • Find and read unlimited books on your own
  • Access free reading tools
  • Membership Partners may provide sign up and payment assistance


  • For schools, agencies, hospitals, senior centers, and organizations serving qualified individuals
  • Sign up qualified members
  • Manage your member's accounts
  • Find and get books for your members
  • Access free reading tools for your members