How to Read Books

Bookshare® lets you read your way. Listen to words read aloud, follow along with karaoke-style highlighting, read in large font or braille, and customize your reading experience in ways that work for you. You can read with our own free reading tool, Bookshare Reader, or choose from a variety of reading tools from trusted partners.


Read with Bookshare Reader

Bookshare Reader is a suite of free reading tools for web browsers, smart speaker, and coming later this fall, smartphones and tablets. Bookshare Reader offers a rich, consistent reading experience across devices and is great for both first-time and long-term Bookshare readers.



Read with Trusted Partner Tools

You can also read with popular reading tools used by individuals and schools. These tools will allow you to download Bookshare ebooks directly from within the tool, read books, use study tools and many other great features.