Help Students Read

Sponsors on organizational accounts can assign books to students one at a time using the “Assign & Read” feature or several books at a time by Creating a Reading List.

Assign A Book

Step 1:     Login into your Bookshare account

Step 2:     Search or browse for a book, then select the "Assign" button

Search Results highlighting the Assign link

Step 3:     Select the student(s) who will be assigned this book.

Assign to member modal highlighting two check boxes next to member names and the assign link

Instruct your students to log into Bookshare with their assigned username and password to find their assigned books. See the How Students Read section below.

How Students Read

Step 1:     Students log into Bookshare and navigate to their My Bookshare page

Bookshare header highlighting the My Bookshare header link

Step 2:     Students find the book they wish to read

Books that have been assigned using the "Assign and Read" are found under the Assigned Books tab. Books that have been assigned using Reading Lists are found under the Reading Lists tab.

My Bookshare page highlighting the Assigned Books and Reading Lists links

Step 3:     Students open the book in Web Reader by clicking the Read Now button

My Bookshare page highlighting the Read Now link on the Assigned Books list

Bookshare packages the book and prepares it for reading in the browser. This may take 30-60 seconds depending on the size of the book. The book will then be ready to be viewed – and can be heard – in the Bookshare Web Reader.

Step 4:     Students select "Play" to hear the book read outloud.

Web Reader highlighting the Play and Settings buttons

Students can use the settings button to change the font size, text and background color combination and voice and rate of speech if desired. Select “Save” after making changes.

Web Reader settings window highlighting the Save button at the bottom

Reading with a Bookshare-integrated App

Students can read with an app on their phone or tablet, such as GoRead (for Android), Dophin EasyReader (for Android or iOS), VoiceDream Reader (for Android or iOS) or Capti (for iOS). Find the right app for your student.

Step 1:     Student logs into their favorite app

If it's the their first time using the app, they will also need to select the Bookshare library and log in with their Bookshare username and password

Step 2:     Search for the book using the tool’s search function.

Note: If using GoRead or Dolphin Easy Reader, students will see their Reading Lists. If they use VoiceDream Reader or CaptiVoice, they can find their recently read books in “History.”

Step 3:     Download the book through the tool’s download function and read!