Membership Partners

Become a Membership Partner

Membership partners play a critical role in helping people with print disabilities access Bookshare® around the world. With a Bookshare membership, your clients can get accessible ebooks and tools they need to pursue education, careers, and more equal participation in society as a whole.

Working with Bookshare benefits our partners as well. Your clients can access Bookshare’s massive collection at no cost to you, complimenting the services you offer and allowing you to focus resources where they’re needed most.

Who Partners with Us

Bookshare works closely with local organizations around the world, including libraries for the blind, government organizations, NGOs, schools, and others to serve people with print disabilities. They help by promoting Bookshare in their local communities, providing basic support, helping verify qualification for Bookshare, and helping with membership fees.

How to Partner with Us

Choose how you would like to work with Bookshare and make an impact today!


Partners reach out to their clients to raise awareness of Bookshare as a resource. People are more connected to organizations in their own communities. They may not know that they can join Bookshare, or how Bookshare can benefit them.

Qualification Verification

Staff at partner organizations often help their clients get the necessary proof of disability (POD).

Payment Assistance

The ways in which partner organizations facilitate payment varies widely. Partners may:

  • Pay for part or all of the subscription fee for their clients.
  • Accept fees from users on behalf of Bookshare.
  • In both cases, partners remit a portion of the user subscription fees to Bookshare.

Some partners are not able to handle payments at all. Their clients pay Bookshare directly.