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Partners play a critical role. They help people in the U.S. and internationally learn about Bookshare® and get access to our books. They build technologies that are compatible with Bookshare and provide greater opportunities for people to read. They also partner with us at Benetech, our parent nonprofit, to explore new ideas and initiatives that can help underserved communities around the world. 

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Foundations, corporations, and donors provide critical support to make Bookshare available around the world. Learn how to support Bookshare.


Join over a thousand publishers who partner with Bookshare to ensure that their content is accessible to readers with learning differences. Learn about publisher partnerships.


Do you want to reach more readers? Join hundreds of authors who contribute work so that people with learning differences can read. Learn about author partnerships.

Digital distributors

Digital distributors work with Bookshare to help publishing clients provide accessible content in the U.S. and internationally. Learn about distribution partnerships.

Local organizations around the world partner with Bookshare to do outreach, qualification verification, and financial assistance. Learn about membership partnerships.

Technology developers partner with Bookshare to provide access to over a million accessible ebooks and integrate key Bookshare features. Learn about technology partnerships.