The ABCs of Bookshare for Educators - Set Up Account

Your "My Bookshare" page is where you manage your account, such as adding qualified members and other educators, create Reading Lists and more.

Add Members (Students)

In Bookshare, students are called Members. Select the Members link on your My Bookshare page to add your students to the account.

When you add members to your account you will be prompted to check what type of disability the student has (Learning, Visual or Physical). This serves as the Proof of Disability for students on Organizational Accounts. That's it!

Note: Educators in private schools will add members following these Instructions.

Add Several Members

Have a lot of students to add all at once? You can save time by entering their information into a spreadsheet and uploading the spreadsheet directly to Bookshare.

Add Sponsors (Teachers)

In Bookshare, teachers are called Sponsors. Select the Sponsors link to add all the teachers who may need to assign books to students on your account. Any Sponsor can assign books to any student on the account, and you can have as many sponsors as you wish. 

You can also add multiple sponsors at once using the same method described above for adding multiple members. Just be sure to select the "Sponsors" tab on the spreadsheet.

Download the Add Sponsors Guide 

Now you're ready to find books to assign to your students!